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Recent Art

Sea Turtle

16″ x 18″
You can’t live at the beach without falling in love with the sea turtles

Orange Floats 

10″ x 10″
This dock is the view from the end of the end of my street. I must have a thousand photos of it and I still find a reason to take one more almost every day. 


Mark’s Blue Suede Shoes

This is a tiny painting. Just 8 inches square. It is a pair of my grandson’s shoes when he was about 2 years old.


Holden Beach Bridge

16″ x 20″
I noticed this angle of the Holden Beach Bridge when launching a boat from the mainland side and nearly fell off the boat trying to capture the photo. 

Big Earl, Day 5

12″ x 12″
If you live anywhere near Holden Beach, you probably know the story of Big Earl getting stranded on teh beach for several days in May of 2018. It drew a crowd daily until it was finally sucessfully relaunched. 


Big Earl – Oil Sketch

11″ x 14″
I painted this in prep for a bigger commission of Big Earl. 

Miss Robinson

10″ x 10″
This was painted from a photo taken on a cloudy day. You may have noticed Miss Robinson on dry land at Holden Beach Seafood. She has gotten a new paint job since this painting. I think I should revisit her. 

Miss Gwendolyn

24″ x 30″
This is one of the boats that is frequently docked at Beacon Seafood on the intracoastal waterway at Holden Beach.  

Wet Paint

These are in progress paintings. Some will be available for sale, some are commissions.
All will eventually be available as prints. 

Costa Rico Palm

Painted from a photo I took in Costa Rica a million years ago. The original is sold, but there will be prints. 

Two Dogs, One Ball

I love these 2 guys. But do I love them enough to finish the painting. 

Yep, I think I do. 

Goofy Guy

This group caught my eye years ago. I’ve always wondered what the guy was thinking. And what the women were discussing. 

Mast & Bouys

This will be available for sell after I redo the sky. Will also be available as prints. 

Diana’s Grands

This is being painted from a photo a friend posted on FaceBook. I’ll have to post the painting when I finish it and see if she catches it. 

Bottle of corona oil painting

Upcoming Bar Series

Poor little bottle, seems to have a crick in its neck. Need to fix that. 

This is being painted as a commision and will also be available as a print. This kicked-off a series of “bar art.” More to come.


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