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zzzThing two – Pick one

So, I made the list yesterday in .numbers (which is apples version of Excel with the added benefit of being able to put multiple tables, text blocks and images on a sheet.) As expected the need to categorize the things was apparently by the time I type the 4th thing.

So, it was easy to do Thing two: Pick One, as in pick one task off the list you made yesterday. I picked: Create categories and other tags for my list that will help

O started with 2 organizational fields: size and category.

Size: huge, big, med, small, tiny. It breaks down like this:

  • Huge: started to use the word monumental because these are a monumental pain in the ass.
  • Big: multi-part, will need to be broken into a few steps and done over the course of days
  • Medium: has more than one step, but doable in a day
  • Small: Doable in a half day
  • Tiny: daily stuff, like get a prescription filled.



  • Art Biz: anything related to the biz of selling art
  • Biz, (graphic design jobs)
  • Personal,
  • Appointments: anything with a specific time attached, biz meetings, dr appointment, parties, events
  • Life Admin,
  • Art Biz,
  • Making,
  • Declutter/organize.

I’ve added a checkbox column so I can mark them off as I do them.

This of course lead to other lists and sub categories of the above, but that’s a thing for another day.

Bonus thing: my AC was broken and for some dumb reason I decided that was a good time to inventory my art. Started it in 81 degree house. Will finish it tomorrow as my Thing 3.

zzzThing one: The List

so, today, I start the 100 little things project.

I’m going to start by making a list of 100 things or 40 or 200, whatever it turns out to be. I’m just going to do a brain dump.