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If I lived at the Beach

If I lived at the beach, i would drink coffee on the beach in the winter and wear big flowy skirts and sweaters. And have unruly hair with plenty of gray, just long enough to put in a pony tail. And it would get the sun’s version of highlighting.

I would forget to wear sunscreen most of the time, so I would be tan and a little leathery.

I would have a collection of sweat shirts and sweaters for my guest to wear on chili evenings.
And a collection of hats, but not sunglasses. They’ll have to bring their own.
And a few good summer reads and extra crayons and colored pencils.

I would be a long way from my family, but they would come and visit, because after all, i would live at the beach.

I would look for other people to art with and maybe start something arty.

I would have a place to paint outside and a place to paint inside. I would have a plein air set beside my door always ready to go.

I would only own one winter coat and it would be the blue one with the fur collar that was my grandmothers in the 70’s. And I wouldn’t much care if it didn’t match the current trends.

I would try out the local restaurants and learn the waitresses’ names. I would sneakily sketch people eating shrimp and feeding hushpuppies to toddlers in high chairs.  l would draw people drinking at the bar and listening to live music.

I would go to the Sunday night concerts and take pictures to paint from later. I would watch how people move their feet in flip flops and deck shoes and occassionaly cowboy boots. And how older couples connect on the dance floors and young families bring their babies out to sway.

I would try making my own pastel substrate by adding sand to primer.

I would see painting all around me and I would paint almost everyday. And on days when I couldn’t pick up a brush, I would paint in my head.

I would have a porch, or maybe two. I would spend a lot of time on the porch. I would create a spot for me to sit and draw, or listen or sleep and it would be somewhat hidden from view of others, so I can be to myself without being anti-social.

I would get to know my neighbors and we would have street parties at the beginning and end of seasons and cookies swaps in the winter.

I would get rid of most of my things, to make more space to bring in beach finds and create new things.

I would intertwine my business with life at the beach. I would consider myself very lucky everyday. I would love the breeze in every season and find spots of sunshine to curl up in like a cat in the winter.

I would have a cat, but not a dog, because the steps are rough on dogs. So I  would stop and pet other peoples dogs on the beach when they were willing.

I would make things from things I found on the beach. I would decorate my house, sparsely, with things I find.

I would walk on the beach without anything to put shells in and come home with pockets full and feathers in my ponytail.

I would measure time by tides and days by season.

I would be at home.