Migrating from a graphic design business to fine arts. When I hear interviewers ask artist what they would have done differently in starting their art career, I listen hard. I know I’m still at the beginning. I know I have a lot to learn and that there are things I still know very little about, important things.

What would tell your younger self about starting your art career or life in general. When I ask myself the same question, two answer is always consistent. No, make that 3 answers.

  1. I would not have sold my Apple stock at $17/share
  2. I would have continued to draw daily throughout my career. Even saying it now, I think, I should be drawing everyday, even if I don’t have time to paint. You can do a sketch in 10 minutes over a cup of coffee. Hell, sketch the cup of coffee, the coffee pot, the sink full of dirty dishes. The subject doesn’t matter. The marks you make on a piece of paper do matter.
  3. Everybody says the same thing. I would have started earlier.

Yeah, well, we all start when and where we start for a myriad of reason. The important thing is to start.