I once went into the negative numbers in my checking account because I forgot about a $5.99/mo auto- draft for subscription. Adding insult to injury, my .99 monthly Apple draft took me further into negative numbers resulting in a $35 bank fee.

I’m not wild about having monthly subscriptions to things that have a fee. It’s too easy to add a subscription because it’s only a a few bucks every month and then wind up never using the service and not noticing that you are being charged every month until your accountant ask you what the hell this expense is? (So embarrassing when you can’t answer.)

The ones that offer a 30-Day-Free-Trial get me every time.

I always think, I’ll subscribe for the free period, then cancel before I get charged if I’m not using the service. I even put an alert in my calendar to note when the free period ends.

When my calendar starts reminding 4 days in advance of the charge, I think, “Oh hell, I haven’t tried that out yet. I need to hurry up and try it.” By the time I get the 3rd calendar alert I have become deaf and blind to the reminders. Fast-forward to the point where I have a year’s supply of multi-vitamins that I will never take, a 5 year supply of cleaning products that I will never use and a spotless (as in totally blank) activity log on some educational thingie guaranteed to make me more productive.

But there are a couple of things subscriptions I find well worth the money.

One of them is Audible.com. I think it’s about $16/month and that gets you a credit for one book a month.

The other one is Lynda.com. It’s about $25 a month and you can watch as many professionally film tutorials and classes as you like.


Lynda.com classes I have taken:

Just finished 2 courses on Instagram

I frequently rewatch parts of Essentials of CSS, because I keep forgetting stuff.

Occasionally I go off on a Relational Database tangent, so I taken the latest courses in FileMakePro and the course on developing relational databases (in which I learned I have been doing ieverything wrong for years.)


Photoshop, I have rewatched the blur filters and creating mask part repeatedly.

XML Essentials. To tell you how good these courses are, I needed to add xml to a clients website while my super-geek was on a cruise ship. I barely knew what xml was. I did about half of the course and was able to complete the project. Down side to this, now I constantly see ways we could use xml on all of our sites. It feeds my overarching need to database the world and leads me down some really deep rabbit holes.

While I had the flu and was taking prednisone, I couldn’t sleep. I set Lynda.com to cycle through a series of 10 minute lessons called ??? I thought it would put me to sleep. No such luck. But they were interesting. I now have a name for the fact that everybody tries to pull the door at ProCo, no matter how big they right the word PUSH on it. And, well, everybody needs a few worthless trivia facts to bore their friends with.




My Audible reading list so far:

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert M. Persiq. I think I would classify this one as philosophy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. (For those of us who finished intro to Philosophy freshman year of college asking “Huh?” instead of “Why?”)

The Agony and the Ecstacy, A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo, by Irving Stone. This is a long one – 33 hours – so it is a bigger commitment than most. I found myself going off on tangents of research based on things in the book, looking up the pieces Michelangelo sculpts and some of the historical events.
The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. A great read if you have a desire to follow a creative dream and can’t quite make the leap. I had heard several artist list this as their favorite book on AHA podcast.
The Art Forger: Fiction set in current times about an artist who works as a certified fine art reproductionist and uses her talents … you can guess the rest.

Two books by Dr Brene Brown:
Daring Greatly
Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Bought it, but haven’t listened yet:
The Hobbit. (I loved the movies, not sure why I can’t get into the book)
Steal Like an Artist

I’ve learned to listen to an excerpt of the book before buying. If you don’t like the readers voice, its hard to enjoy the book.