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We moved to Holden Beach, NC in 2000. It’s a barrier island about 7 miles long, with less than 600 permanent residents halfway between Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Not much ever changes at Holden Beach. It feels a little like you’ve gone back in time when you drive over the bridge.

Buildings are limited to a max ht of 35 feet and there are fewer than a dozen commercial businesses on the island. Some of the restaurants have changed hands (and therefore names) since we’ve been here. A couple of new businesses have been added, but for the most part it is ?? restaurants, 4 realtors, 1 ice cream store, 1 slushy store, 1 candy store, a Resort-ware store and a general store. Or “and one each of: ” list them.


How Poolside Bob got his name.
When we first moved here, the restaurant on the corner was called Robertos and was known for pizza and sandwiches. The bartender we soon learned was “Poolside Bob” so named because he had previously worked at a poolside bar at one of the other beaches. Robertos soon became Paradise Cafe (for several years), business boomed and at some point, Bob’s younger brother started working at the restaurant. When we learned he was junior to Bob, we named him “Baby Pool.” Apparently business got really good and they had to bring in yet another sibling joined the workforce. This was Poolside Bob and BabyPool’s older brother. We named him “High Dive.”

In recent history, Poolside became the Bartender at another local eatery: Capt Pete’s Seafood Restaurant. At some point in the last decade I noticed he frequently wore a bandana over some fairly long locks. I renamed him Pirate Bob.

By the way, Pirate Bob drives a Harley. I want to paint a series of Harley’s. … there goes a squirrel.