We were watching Bridge of Spys the other night and a phrase stuck in my head. A few times In the movie, the attorney (Tom Hanks) asked the captured Russian spy that he was defending, “Aren’t you nervous?” The spy glibly replied, “Would it help?”

It stuck in my head because I had just had a conversation about how futile worrying is, especially worrying about things you cannot control.

I had the privilege of spending the next night in the ER, when my husband had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack aka mini stroke). In between CT scans and EKGs one of the nurses asked me “Are you nervous?” I replied “Would it help?” (I was pacing in the hallway waiting for the bathroom, so I probably did look nervous.)

The next morning at shift change, the new nurse asked Mark if he was nervous. I couldn’t help myself. I jumped in with “Would that help?”

Mark looked at me a little strange, then remembered the quote from the movie and said, “Bridge of Spies, the Russian spy said that.” He got a chuckle out of it. And, I got the satisfaction of knowing he remembered a fairly obscure utterance from a movie the night before the stroke.